About Us

 LÜM Spirits is in a category of its own.  LÜM (Rhymes with boom, not bum) links the flavor of a premium cocktail with the ease, accessibility, and lightness of a hard seltzer.  Our beverages were crafted with the goal of creating a different way to drink for the body conscious party goer, and we met that mark and more.

For anyone with athletic or body conscious priorities, taking care of the body is always a concern when looking at food and beverage menus.  And when you go out to party or enjoy a drink with friends, it gets even harder.  Beers get heavy, and if they are light- like seltzers- you have to drink a ton of them.  Wine has lots of sugar, so you have to watch out for that hangover sailor!  And hard liquor on the rocks will do the job, but its hard to swallow with a marginal decrease in total calories.

So we made LÜM; a drink that intersects taste, feeling, and strength in all the right places.  People can enjoy their drinks while avoiding bloating, fullness, and bathroom trips that come with higher volume drinking.  Not only that, the carbohydrate content per serving sits at just 3 grams, which is on par with Michelob Ultra’s ‘light’ serving size.  Imagine getting the same light carbs while drinking half as much liquid!  Did somebody say it’s happy hour??

Regardless of the feeling LÜM Spirits gives or how different it is from other drinks, LÜM is a quality beverage at the end of the day.  In a competition for USA Spirits Ratings, where companies from 49 countries participated and over 1000 products entered, here were some of our standout results...

- LÜM Sunset Orange Pineapple and Aurora Acai Berry received silver medals

- Scored 12 points higher than Teremana Tequila Blanco, the Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson’s) tequila

- Beat all Cutwater Spirits products at the event (they had 39 entries)

- Beat New Amsterdam Vodka by 2 points

If you have any feedback or would like to reach out for event catering hit the contact link and we will respond ASAP.  Thank you for joining the LÜM family, and we hope you enjoy your next occasion with a LÜM can in hand!